Estancia La Taba

Estancia patagónica - estepa - ArgentinaLa Taba estancia stands on the patagonian plateu, with a view of the snow-capped Andean range, close to the Piuchileufu river which runs through 10 km of its rough land of streams stony gorges, and native woods of ñires, chacays and willows.

People are scarce and far apart
, but you may see guanacos, puma, red fox, skunks, armadillo, condors (who breed on the high rocks), chimango, carancho, ibis, teros, ducks, wild geese… maybe a shy otter.

La Taba is a working ranch on an area of 3.500 has where sheep, cattle and horses are raised, and occasionally shearing, branding and some other tasks may be watched or shared with the gauchos. .

Cascada - estepa Patagonia Argentina Cabalgata - estepa Patagonia Argentina

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Estancia in Patagonia "La Taba"
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