Activities at the ranch Estancia La Taba

Horseback riding trip in Patagonia  - ArgentinaWithin reach, riding or walking, is the Corral Waterfall, the condorera, the Pilquin (stone squirrel) gorge and swimming pools.

Horseback riding can be short or pack-rides with camping which may be planned on the spot. The horses are tame but willing and used to the rough land they live on.

The Pichileufu river, close to the house, offers dry fly-fishing (catch & release) and some good swimming pools, the water is fresh and clear.

During the hunting season (March-April), red deer hunting is available, only for experts who must bring their own hunting equipment.

Horseback riding trips at estancia in Patagonia

Camping at the Patagonian steppe

Patagonia steppe birding trip
Red deer hunting tours in Patagonia
Red deer hunting tours in Patagonia

Sheep sheering - ranch daily tasks

Fly fishing tours in Patagonia creeks


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